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There are so many brands of trail cameras on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you! You are in luck because you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! We have put together this one-stop shop resource of trail cam reviews to help you make the decision on which is the best trail camera for your needs. So before you buy a trail cam, let us provide you with some camera buying tips so that you will become an informed consumer and be able to select the best trail camera for the money. We provide in-depth useful information on the features and functionality of the highest rated cameras in our trail camera reviews.

So, what kind of camera are you looking for? Do you want a camera that offers only a few features and is simple to set up? With a simple set-up, you can start taking trail camera pictures right away. Or do you need a game camera that has a bunch of specialized capabilities that takes wildlife pictures in all kinds of situations.


Complicated or simple? Expensive or affordable?

Since you have found this website, you are someone that obviously does the research needed to decide exactly which trail cam you need for your application and budget. You don’t want to buy just any remote camera, you want a reliable camera that is durable, will meet your needs and be the best trail camera for the money.


What is a Trail Cam?


A trail cam is actually a remote camera that is used in a wide variety of ways. Often times, photographers will place remote cameras in areas where they cannot reach or in areas that where a human may disturb the subject of the picture. Remote cameras are also commonly used in wildlife photography as well as at sporting events to capture unique shots. One example at sporting events is the placement of a remote camera on the top of a basketball goal or on top of the bleachers at a football stadium.

Another type of remote camera is a camera that is placed in the woods by hunters to take pictures of wildlife moving on their land. These cameras use motion sensors to detect movements. When a remote camera detects movement in the area, the camera will take a picture.


A remote camera can record images as either a video clip or a still image. The camera can be placed in locations where the photographer cannot be for whatever reason. This includes tight spaces where a person cannot get in, areas where a person would otherwise interfere with the activity that is being recorded, or locations in the woods where hunters are scouting game.

Remote cameras are often used at sporting events like on top of the backboard at a televised basketball game. They are also used in wildlife photography. The images of game produced in the woods are used by hunters.

Remote cameras can show hunters where game, such as deer or turkey, are located. These images can help hunters determine where the best places to put their tree-stands or blinds.

The best trail cam available today is a digital camera in which images are stored on a memory card. A memory card allows the hunter to transfer and view images on a home computer or laptop. The more expensive trail cams have wireless capability which allows the camera to upload the stored images to a website.


Camera Types


The are a number of different features available on remote cameras. One of the first and most important feature to choose is whether you want your camera to be a digital camera or a film camera. Digital cameras have a newer technology that produces a digital image of the picture taken. This image can be easily and quickly transferred to a computer. Film cameras must have the film develop in a film laboratory and pictures printed from the film. Our recommendation is that a digital camera is best type of camera to buy.

Remote cameras also two different types of methods of taking a picture. Some cameras utilize an incandescent flash to take the picture and other cameras use an infrared flash. The infrared flash seems to be better for use in taking pictures of wildlife since the infrared flash does not spook the animals.


What to Look For When Shopping for the Best Game Camera?


There are a wide variety of remote cameras available on the market today. Some cameras are made to be simple and easy to operate while other motion activated cameras are loaded with so many features that you would need years of experience just to be able to operate it. Just as with the features, remote cameras come in a wide price range.

The following paragraphs provide a trail camera comparison on the features to look for when choosing a trail cam to buy. Because there is really no one best trail cam for everyone, camera manufactures make several types of cameras to choose from based on your needs and applications.


Game Camera Reviews


A good camera is one that is designed for compactness and manageability. The highest rated remote cameras are light and easy to transport to and from the desired location on the trail. Another important feature in the design of a camera is the ability for the camera to be mounted in a tree or to a structure for capturing images of game animals in the area.

It is best to mount trail cams up on trees or poles so that camera cannot be seen by the game animals browsing in the area and therefore not scaring them away. It is your goal to capture images of the animals that you are scouting in their natural habitat while not scaring them away.

In order to not scare the animals away, you must mount the scouting camera in discreet locations away from their view.


Quality of Picture Images


The best trail cams have high resolution capabilities that allows you to take capture excellent trail camera pictures of the game animals in the area. Today, budget cameras feature resolutions up to 8 megapixels. Higher end cameras will provide image resolution up to 10 to 12 megapixels.


The higher the megapixel of the picture, the clearer the trail camera pictures will be. However, the higher the megapixel value of the image, the more disk space that is needed to store the trail camera pictures.


Camera Battery

Cameras require the use of different types of batteries. Some cameras use D size batteries while other cameras require AA batteries. Paying more for a battery with a long battery life will save you money over time. Lithium batteries are really expensive, but they provide the longest battery life.

However, using rechargeable batteries will save you more money over time than using any type of regular battery.


How to Find a Camera That Fits Your Needs


In the interactive game cam comparison chart provided above, you will find some of the most popular remote cameras on the market today. However, before diving into the deep end of this comparison chart, let’s take a look at what is included in the guide. Instead of going by what some person says in a YouTube video about which trail cam is the best, take a look at the camera reviews in the ultimate camera comparison guide for all of the features, options and capabilities to help you make an informed decision regarding which remote camera to buy.


So, in the chart above you will find the Ultimate Comparison Guide that will provide a summary of trail camera comparisons in one convenient spot. This guide will help you pick the best game camera for your needs. We all have our personal preferences on what makes the best trail cams for the money for use on hunting properties, but to get the best information on the animals in your area, you want the absolute best camera possible, and so we’re here to help.


Ltl Acorn Trail Cameras

Ltl Acorn is a well respected company in the outdoor gear market. Ltl Acorn’s line of game cameras are very popular with hunters because they are made with exceptional quality and come with some of the best features. They are very user friendly and simple to set-up and get started taking excellent wildlife photos. Ltl Acorn cameras are so popular that we have dedicated an entire page of game camera reviews of the best Ltl Acorn Trail cams.


Best Game Camera Reviews


Honestly, all of the motion activated cameras included above are excellent choices; but there are some of them that we want to recognize as our favorites. In the trail camera comparison reviews below, you will find our top 5 choices for best trail camera for the money accompanied by a comprehensive review of each.  So, pull up your outdoor chair and let’s go through these game camera reviews.