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AcornCamera Blog

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Oct 18, 2017 .

Offseason Deer Preparation

We all love the thrill of the hunt:  witnessing the first sunrise at the start of a new season; experiencing the changes in the woods as the seasons transition; and feeling the briskness of the fall air as the rut begins.   Despite the start of the season being months away, how do we ensure now that our hunts will be successful each season?  The answer lies in what you are doing to prepare yourself in the off season.

One of the first things you can do is...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Oct 12, 2017 .

Turkey Hunting in the Wind

Wind is a challenge when hunting turkeys – there’s no way around it. Sure you could stay in that day and hope for better opportunities, but if your days in the field are limited, you better have a plan for dealing with the wind. Like many hunting scenarios, there are multiple ways to deal with the wind. In my experience, I’ve found two that are most effective for me.

If it is windy the evening before your hunt, the turkeys will do their best to stay...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 30, 2017 .

Tracking Tips: Putting Food Up

We start putting food up in August – about the time we can smell the sun-warmed tomatoes, even before we gather them for canning. “Putting food up” is a curious expression. Originating back in the 1700s, this idiom means “preserving and storing food” – and that we certainly do. But “up” is hardly a useful image since we usually descend steep, awkward stairs into dark cellars to place our jars of preserved food on shelves.

“Up,” as...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 27, 2017 .

How to Hunting the Pre-Rut

Archery season has finally arrived in many states. Some hunters look to the rut period as a time for having the greatest success. There are many hunters, however, who look forward to the pre-rut period as an excellent time to harvest the buck of their choice. To hunt the pre-rut, there are a number of tactics that you may want to employ in order to be successful.

Now is the time to begin using the information that you have gleaned from your pre-season...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 25, 2017 .

3 Hunting Strategies for Taming the October Lull

The flury of the early season is so incredibly anticipated and leaves so incredibly fast. It's hasty retreat has a nasty habitat of dragging buck sightings and trail cam pictures along with it, while ushering in the dreaded October Lull. A great deer hunting parcel is a chunk of ground that can be hunted during the entire season and not just during the rut. So before you become depressed over the lull and the lack of mature buck...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 22, 2017 .
Huntinf Trail Camera Detection Circuit

Detection circuit of the hunting trail camera refers to the range within which camera’s sensors can detect the movement and trigger the camera for capturing the picture. The range is measured in feet whereas trigger speed in seconds.

  • Naturally, the long-range cameras are preferred for hunting in wild or even a farm. Nowadays trail cameras with detection range of almost 100 feet can be found in the market.
  • However, while buying you needs...
The Advantages and Disadvantages for Buying a Cellular Camera

Buying a trail camera is no easy feat, considering the features you have to keep in mind, like motion detectors, resolution, focusing abilities, sharpness, pixels as well as an inconspicuous nature to be carried in the woods. Therefore, we have prepared a list for you, so that you can zero in on your favourite type of camera, one that suits your needs perfectly!


Cellular cameras record images and transmit them to...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 11, 2017 .


Frequently Asked Questions about Trail Cameras

Is there a difference between Game Camera and Trail Camera?

Game Cameras are also known as Trail Cameras and are the same. They are designed specifically to assist you in capturing the target’s picture and location; which is difficult to determine in wilderness. They usually have a detection field of 50- 100 feet. Once installed and set, they sense movement and activate the trigger thereby collecting useful data for hunt without...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 08, 2017 .
Bestguarder Infrared Night Vision Trail Hunting Camera

Low priced but high powered, Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 pulled out all the stops with this strong trail hunting camera. Available in two different versions, they offer a high powered performance boost for anyone that is looking to upgrade their backyard or game hunting. The two available versions are DTC-880V and SG009, but the differences go a little bit further than shape. To get a better grasp of how powerful this little...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 05, 2017 .
Hunting Trail Camera's Memory

Most of the hunting trail cameras show compatibility with 16-32 GB SD card. However, some can accommodate a higher storage capacity. Some cameras with memory that goes as low as 8 GB are also on the shelves, however think before you pick them; you do not want the hassle of camera stopping in between the hunt for want of storage capacity.

  • The requirement of the card depends on your usage. If you have a trail camera, which takes multiple shot, i.e....

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Sep 02, 2017 .
Hunting Trail Camera:The Quality of Video or Picture

The quality of a picture is measured in megapixels. Trail cameras have an average resolution of 5-30 Megapixels, which is usually enough; unless of course your priority is a high resolution snap. However, for hunting needs the average resolution is more than enough. Some hunting cameras are available whose USP is high-resolution pictures.

  • These cameras come with 12 MP to almost 20 MP. 20 MP is the highest resolution claimed by...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 30, 2017 . Security Cameras

Have you ever felt the need to track what is going on, in and around your house in your absence? You may have contemplated keeping an eye on your business establishment, office space, storage or the warehouse. This is especially applicable to those who have to put up a temporary shelter in the woods, while on their wildlife business. For these requirements, a fully enabled security camera, better known as surveillance camera is the best solution....

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 28, 2017 .
Image Quality of Hunting Trail Camera

Image quality is measured in Megapixels (MP) and is called resolution. More the MP better is the picture quality. Average Trail cameras come with a resolution of 5-30 MP. The range however is actually vast; with the best cameras giving as high as 30 MP(BolyGuard MG983G-30M) in their class and basic inexpensive ones with 5 MP only.

  • You may also find very cheap variants of trail cameras for as low as 1.5 MP.
  • If your snaps and game recording...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 23, 2017 .
Trigger Time is Important When Choose a Trail Camera

Trigger time is the time in which the camera detects movement and captures the snap, the less the better. The whole process goes something like this- The animal enters the detection zone, and the sensors activate the camera, which in turn triggers the capture, and the snap is saved in the storage.

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 18, 2017 .

Wireless Trail Camera Advantages and Disadvantages

Wireless trail camera has an in-built transmitter, which transports images using a wireless network. You need to choose the wireless network of the receiving device in the hunting camera to connect both of them. Wi-Fi cameras are relatively innovative but extremely user friendly and relevant to today’s times. They have fewer attachments and no wires, which is an appealing feature for an indoor or semi-indoor use.


Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 14, 2017 .
Battery and Power Options When Using a Trail Camera

A trail cam lasts for hours and sometimes days, so that last thing you would want to worry about is dying power in your camera, so the battery is an important feature for game cameras. You have to remember that usually you would just mount the camera and leave it there unattended. Just imagine coming back to collect it and realizing that battery died in the middle of night!

Most of the brands have a range between 6 months to a...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 11, 2017 .
 Should I Go For Flash or Infrared?

There are two types of flashes available in trail cams- LEDs also known as incandescent flash and Infrared better known as invisible flash. Choosing right type of flash is an extremely important criterion as it can either hamper or facilitate the game.

  • Incandescent flash has bright white light, which makes the pictures taken in shadows and dark quite clear and refined. The quality and contrast of the pictures is impressive. Even the night...

Posted by in Hunting Camera News on Aug 09, 2017 .
Budget and Price When Buy a Trail Camera

It all comes down to your pocket after all! If your pocket allowed, you would buy the best that is available. The game or trail cameras come in a wide price range of $90 to an eye popping $500! Therefore, as we mentioned it does really come to your pocket. This is why your priorities have to be very clear before you step out to buy a trail camera. The first point is to put yourself in a category of a beginner or a Pro.

  • As a beginner, you...