LTL-6511MG-4G Basic & LTL-6511WMG-4G Basic
 LTL-6511MG-4G Advanced& LTL-6511WMG-4G Advanced


4G LTE Wireless Scouting Camera
Ltl-6511-4G HD Video Series
SMS remote control
SKU: Ltl-6511MG-4G Basic.

LTL-6511MG-4G Basic No Glow

$428.99 $364.99

New 4G trail camera Ltl Acorn® 6511M-4G has unbeaten ultra-long standby time up to 3 years (!) thanks to the use of 6 pieces of high-capacity rechargeable 18650 lithium (Li-ion) batteries. Now trail camera works as long as TV remote control: you insert batteries and forget about them.

New patented dual PIR motion sensor reduces number of false and missed alarms.

Function of sending of full-size photos and videos allows you don’t visit the trail camera at all, till batteries alive.
Full-size photos and videos can be sent in 3 ways:

immediately after shooting. 4G Ltl Acorn hunting camera sends 1.5 Mb picture within 1 minute, video of 9.2Mb size within 3 min.

on user SMS request. When usual low-resolution picture received by user, the user can request corresponding full-size photo or video with SMS command, if necessary. It’s very convenient to use Ltl Hunting Camera Tool for this.

once a day at specified time, when the trail camera sends all unsent full-size photos and videos. This way of sending greatly saves battery.

. High quality picture of 12MP resolution.

2. Real high-definition video of 1440x1080 with audio record, H.264 format.

3. With the USB C TYPE socket, you can plug external button control box with screen 2.4” TFT color LCD display, easy to set parameters, preview, replay photos and video.

4. With 4G LTE wireless transmission module, the uploading speeds can be up to 50Mbps. With patented technology can be completed in 1 to 2 Minute to send 1M BYTE photo files (on the best network conditions and the appropriate send protocol).

5. The captured files are sent to the phone, mailbox, or FTP by MMS, mail or FTP via the 4G wireless network. Single-shot photo or video file size can reach up to 10M, while more than 10M size of the video will be automatically divided into multi-segment less than 10M file to be saved and sent.

6. SMS remote control supports to change the camera settings, trigger camera remotely and control camera to send back full size picture by sending SMS command.

7. FTP uploading function, camera uploads the file to appointed FTP after shooting, users can download the picture or video from FTP.

8. The centralized sending function, when the set time is reached, the camera will send out all the photos or videos taken in the day at once. It can greatly save the power consumption.

9. LTL-6511W wide angle series products with high quality wide lens of 100 degrees to wider the shooting range.

10. Cam + Video mode enables camera to take both picture and video at every trigger.

11. Burst shooting with 1 second interval.

12. Optional to equip with 42 LED lights of 940nm for great night vision.

13. Ultra-long standby time: more than 3 years with 4 AA alkaline batteries and 6 18650 lithium batteries in battery box.

14. Working temperature: -45℃ - +70℃.

15. Tight waterproof housing: IP66.

16. Patent technology of Low Power Dual PIR Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor, the camera detects animals in advance from wide scope in two stages, then quickly trigger to shoot, standby current is about 60uA, makes it to be the pioneer in the industry.

17. Quick trigger speed (0.8s).

18. Two high accuracy timers make the camera work in two specified periods as request.

19. Set an ID for the camera, the prefix of file name could be same as the ID, makes it easy to classify the pictures from different place.

20. Date, time, temperature and moon phase could be shown on time stamp of the picture.

21. Password protected to prevent unauthorized operation.

22. Flexible setting selection: setting parameters of camera and 4G data on PC setup, android or Apple IOS mobile APP.

23. Optional memory overwrite function: delete the early pictures or videos automatically to make room for new records.

24. Security box is optional for purchase.

25. Support to fix by tripod.

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What trail camera should I buy?

This depends on what you are planning to film and what quality and features are needed. First, think about the subject you want film. This will determine what camera you should get. Once you know roughly what you are going to film you can then look at features. If you are unsure or going to film many things, look for a camera with several features. Things to consider:

  • Quality and price
  • Trigger speed
  • Trigger distance and IR distance
  • Extra features like a playback screen etc.
What is interpolated resolution?

All trail cameras consist of a light sensitive chip that records the footage (photo/video) at a certain resolution. Many of today’s cameras have actual resolution and enhanced or interpolated resolution. This means software processes the picture and doubles the resolution allowing the images or videos to be enlarged. To be honest most cameras have this feature as standard. Anything that is 5MP actual or 12MP interpolated is good. The higher the better.

What is an IR filter pass?

In natural daylight there is Infra-red. This is a higher part of the visual spectrum and is normally blocked out by our eyes. By blocking the natural IR light, colours during the day are a lot richer. As trail cameras can see Infra-red at night, the cameras need a way to block natural IR during the day. An IR filter pass is a filter that naturally moves across the lens to allow richer more colourful footage. When it comes to night-time the filter automatically moves away. Most trail cameras have this feature.

What is the Difference Between a Trail Camera and a Game Camera?

These two terms are completely interchangeable. Both phrases refer to a device that is meant to detect and capture movement. You can use these devices for tracking, hunting, observation, surveying and to keep an eye on things at home or at your business.

What Affects the Battery Life of My Trail Camera?

The battery life of your trail camera depends on numerous factors. The more activity there is in an area will result in a shorter battery lifespan because the camera is frequently taking pictures and recording videos. Nighttime detection uses more battery juice because of the LED activation. Videos pull more battery power than photos, as do using settings like time lapse mode and rapid fire mode.

Many trail camera manufacturers install battery-saver technology to preserve the life of your batteries when there is no movement detected for an extended amount of time. As a general rule, batteries should last between two and six months.

How Important is SD Card Size in Relation to Trail Cameras?

Trail cameras have different memory card allowances. Some can work with SD cards with 32-gigabyte capacity while others will only take 8-16GB chips.

The memory capacity of your SD card determines how many photos and videos your camera can save. The quality of the photos and videos also affects that number. For example, a 5-megapixel camera with a 32-gigabyte SD card can save over 15,000 photos while a higher-quality 12-megapixel camera (also using a 32GB memory card) can store approximately 8,000 photos.

There’s no real downside to larger SD card size, especially if you won’t be able to access your camera regularly. If you know you’ll be downloading photos from the camera often, then you might be able to save a few bucks on a game camera with a lower memory capacity. It’s also worth noting that some cameras have an “overwrite” feature that will save the newest photo and delete the oldest one when the memory card is full.

Do Trail Cameras Work the Same During the Day as They Do at Night?

Trail cameras work toward the same purpose 24/7 but the methods and results vary according to the lighting. The best trail cameras usually take color photo and video during the day, but the infrared or covert LEDs only allow for black/white at nighttime. The detection range might be 10-20 feet shorter at night, and video recordings could also be shorter.

The camera will probably use more power at night due to the LEDs, especially if targets in the area are nocturnal. Some models have a timer so you can arrange for the camera to go into sleep mode during certain times of the day or night.

What’s the Best Way to Mount my Trail Camera?

A lot of manufacturers include a mounting strap with the trail camera. You can use this strap to mount the camera on a tree. Mounting brackets suited for every purpose are available online and in hunting outfitters, or you can make your own.

It’s best to mount the camera as securely as possible so it won’t move and cause you to lose your view. You might want to mount the camera in a lock box designed for trail cameras to prevent theft or damage. Feel free to conceal your camera however you like, but make sure the lens and LEDs remain unobstructed.

What is the Difference between Standard, Wireless, and Cellular Game Cameras?

A standard trail camera does not have Internet or cellular capabilities, although some can detect GPS coordinates automatically. Pictures and videos must be retrieved manually.

A wireless game camera is able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It can send live updates, but the range is relatively short.

A cellular trail camera uses networks like Verizon and AT&T to relay photos and videos to your phone or email wherever there is cellular service. There is a monthly fee of $5-$20 payable to the cell provider for this service.

How Can I View Pictures/Videos in the Field?

If you have a digital camera that has a SD card reader, this might be a viable option. For convenience, however, many hunters buy trail camera viewers that plug right into the camera itself. You can then save the images onto the device and pop the newly-cleaned SD card back into the camera. To make things even easier on yourself, buy a trail camera with a built-in viewer.

What Should I Do If My Trail Camera isn’t Working or Providing Me with Pictures/Videos?

First, use a pocket battery tester to make sure the batteries are fully-charged. If fully-charged batteries don’t do the trick then plug the camera into an external power source, if possible. The next step would be to contact the manufacturer so they can help you troubleshoot the problem. Keep receipts and warranty cards in a safe place in case you need to return or exchange a damaged game camera, and always find out how the manufacturer and/or vendor handles returns, repairs, etc.

How easy is the trail camera to setup and use?

The trail camera is very easy to setup and use. the camera has a really neat menu system.

Does the camera come with an SD card?

The offer is cracking offer and does not include the card.

How does the camera work?

The camera is a digital camera, motion detection device and video recorded rolled into one.

What can the camera film?

The camera can film anything from small animals upwards. If it is smaller, you will have to place the camera closer to the subject. If it is larger, you can place the camera further away. The bigger the surface area on the sensor, the easier the camera will detect motion and record to the camera.

Where can you place the camera?

The camera can be placed anywhere. The camera comes with a strap and buckle and can easily be strapped to anything.

Does the camera flash and will this give the location of the camera away or scare the subject?

No, the camera has a sensor and if it is dark, the camera will turn on invisible infra-red lights. This does not flash and does not give anything away.

Can I see the pictures or video on the camera?

Yes, the camera has a small colour screen on the back and it is easy to see the live footage through the camera as well as the shots and video taken.

How easy is the camera to use?

It is very easy to use as it has a small colour screen and easy to use buttons and menu system. Like all gadgets, there is an element of learning however with a bit of experimentation you will get there.

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The Ltl Acorn 5310 Series is the thirdgeneration of our Ltl acorn scouting camera. With its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor thecamera detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused bymoving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take pictures videos,and sends the images via GSM network to the user’s cell phone or emailaccount. With newly added SMS remote control feature you can change therelated menu of the camera by sending SMS order to the camera in thespecific form of the SMS content

4G LTE Wireless Series

TThe LTL-6511-4G series of cameras are 4G LTE cellular mobile communication network transmission cameras, developed by Ltl Acorn,which have external button control boxes with display screens and lowpower dual PIR sensor.The built-in 4G LTE wireless module uses the high-end high-pass chip.


You can choose different bands with TDD LTE and FDD LTE compatible 4G communication. The maximum uploading speed can reach 50Mbps, havingthe features of high data transmission speed and supporting many networkfrequencies. In the 4G LTE network mode, you can quickly send 12 millionpixels of the original big picture or less than 10MB of video files to the user’smailbox or FTP server, and other brands of 4G wireless transmissioncameras in the market can only send hundreds of thousands of pixelsphotos, let alone videos can be transmitted. 

Ltl-6511MG-4G Basic
The basic of Ltl-6511-4G series, supports sending thumbnail picture at 640*480 to mobile and email via 4G LTE wireless network,further more, it can quickly send 12 millionpixels of the original big picture or less than 10MB of video files to the user'smailbox or FTP server.this can could be obtained by SMS remote control function
Ltl-6511WMG-4G Basic
The basic of Ltl-6511-4G series with 100 degree wide angle, supports sending thumbnail picture at 640*480 to mobile and email via 4G LTE wireless network,further more, it can quickly send 12 millionpixels of the original big picture or less than 10MB of video files to the user'smailbox or FTP server.this can could be obtained by SMS remote control function
Ltl-6511MG-4G Advanced
The basic of Ltl-6511-4G series, supports sending thumbnail picture at 640*480 to mobile and email via 4G LTE wireless network,further more, it can quickly send 12 millionpixels of the original big picture or less than 10MB of video files to the user'smailbox or FTP server directly.
Ltl-6511WMG-4G Advanced
The basic of Ltl-6511-4G series with 100 degree wide angle, supports sending thumbnail picture at 640*480 to mobile and email via 4G LTE wireless network,further more, it can quickly send 12 millionpixels of the original big picture or less than 10MB of video files to the user'smailbox or FTP server directly.
The Ltl Acorn wildlife camera has 3 motion sensors working independently. The main sensor has been centrally located and its view angle is 35°, while 2 side sensors increase that angle by 30°
The response time upon motion detection is less than 1 sec, so the forest camera will be perfect for wildlife researchers who e.g. monitor herd count or when monitoring forest areas, etc.
The Ltl Acorn has been developed based on the energy-efficient technology which provides power supply for about 12 months in stand-by with 8 batteries type AA or solar power.
The Ltl Acorn wildlife camera has 44 IR diodes with the wavelength 940nm. The lighting is imperceptible, so it’s very discrete and does not interfere with nightlife of animals.
Ltl Acorn 4G LTE  modes:Ltl-6511mg-4G ,Ltl-6511WMG-4G

The LTL-6511-4G series of cameras are 4G LTE cellular mobile communication network transmission cameras, The series of cameras use low-power dual PIR sensor and LTE wireless module which belong to our ltl acorn’s latest research and development.Working in the camera, low-power dual PIR sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy and sensitivity, which avoid the camera mistaken or missed,as well as low standby current. Camera standby current has reduced to 60uA, far lower than the line’s other brands of hunting cameras standby current 400 ~ 2000uA, which greatly extends the camera standby time. 

In the 4G LTE wireless networkmode, you can quickly send 12 million pixel photos or less than 10MB of video files to the user’s mailbox or FTP server, while other brands of 4G wireless transmission cameras in the market can only send hundreds of thousands of pixels of the photos. The series of cameras optimize the 4G transmission mode, so that you can choose to set the shooting immediately after the shooting, or set the sending time to the day which sends the photofile to the mailbox or FTP server. Using centralized delivery can greatlyreduce the times of 4G wireless module start-up, which greatly saves theenergy. In order to save 4G traffic flow, users can program the camera tosend thumbnail to mobile or email and control the 4G module to send backthe full size picture which is valuable by SMS remote control function. 
The superior SMS remote control function supports to change cameraparameters, get camera shooting and sending picture back by sending SMS remote control command to 4G module, make it convenient to operate.The working principle of this series camera is with its highly sensitivePassive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor to sense the infrared signal from animal orhuman, automatically triggers to take pictures, video and send MMS to mobile phone, send email to E-mail account or upload to users’ FTP serverdirectly. The rest of the time is in the standby state, when only PIR infraredsensor part is working and the standby current is only about 60uA
The Difference For :
55 degree standard lens or 100 Wide Angle Lens Model?
Ltl Acorn Wide Angle lens modes:Ltl-5310WA,Ltl-5310wmg,Ltl-6310WMC,Ltl-6310WMG,Ltl-6511WMC,Ltl-6511WMG.etc..

The wide-angle lens gives a huge 100 degree field of view, almost double what the standard lens offer. This means that the animal will almost always be in shot when the camera triggers, and reduces ‘blank captures’; i.e. when the camera has triggered too late and the animal has moved out of the field of view.

Its also great if you want to monitor as large an area as possible, such as a large garden, and if you are monitoring for security purposes.

It does have a drawback however; notice the blur around the edges of the picture. Although the centre is clear and crisp, there is a clear blur around the outside, and it is slightly under-exposed. This is due to the size of the lens.

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Choose the best model you need
The Ltl-5310 series can be available to
you if you need the price not higher
LTL-6511MG-4G Basic
12 Mega pixel high quality resolution
42 LEDS with Zero Glow IR flash
HD 1080p video resolution
3 Years stand by time
With 100 degree wide lens
Send full size photo directly
12 Mega pixel high quality resolution
42 LEDS with Zero Glow IR flash
HD 1080p video resolution
3 Years stand by tome
With 100 degree wide lens
Send full size photo directly
LTL-6511-4G Advanced
12 Mega pixel high quality resolution
42 LEDS with Zero Glow IR flash
HD 1080p video resolution
3 Years stand by time
With 100 degree wide lens
Send full size photo directly
LTL-6511MG-4G Advanced
12 Mega pixel high quality resolution
44 LEDS with Zero Glow IR flash
HD 1080p video resolution
3 Years stand by time
With 100 degree wide lens
Send full size photo directly