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UOVisions trail cameras are rated as the best on the market with very high quality and modern technology, high image quality, reliability and dependability!

The camera can capture pictures or video clips at specified time intervals regardless of whether there is motion from humans or animals. The device is equipped with built-in infrared LEDs. It takes color pictures or videos under sufficient daylight. At night or low light conditions the camera’s built-in infrared LEDs capture black and white images or videos. The camera consumes very little power (μA levels) while in surveillance mode. Powered by 8 new AA alkaline batteries, the camera can stand-by for about 5 months. Once motion by humans or animals is detected, the digital camera unit will be woken up at once and then automatically take pictures or videos according to previously programmed settings.    

The device is designed for outdoor use and is resistant against water and snow. Furthermore, the camera can be used as a portable digital camera.

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UOvision UM535 Panda 6MP GSM GPRS Trail Camera General Description: The UM535 is a surveil..
$435.59 $369.89
0 reviews.
UOVISION UM565 8MP GSM GPRS Scouting Trail Camera General Description: The UM565 is a surv..
$278.89 $219.89
0 reviews.
UOvision UM595-3G MMS Trail Camera With 12MP UOVisions trail cameras are rated as the best on..
$498.69 $429.85
0 reviews.
UOvision UV595 HD 12MP Zero Glow Infrared Trail Camera The UV595-HD is another great product ..
$329.99 $289.99
0 reviews.
UOvision UV785 HD IR Trail Camera 1080P Full HD H.264 Video with Audio General Description C..
$319.99 $239.99
0 reviews.